Because words don't grow on trees.

Lacey  Middlestead has been a freelance writer for over 10 years, since graduating with an English Writing degree from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. For Lacey,  nothing brings her greater joy than bringing the stories of others to life on the page. When Lacey approached Oaklin she was looking to take her freelance writing business to the next level and knew a professional website and personal brand was what was needed. Oaklin Creative worked closely with Lacey on developing her portfolio, developing her personal brand, and outlining the services that she offers. 


  • Create a professional website 
  • Display portfolio work in a reputable way
  • Create awareness of Lacey's freelance writing services in the community
  • Create a personal brand for Lacey Middlestead


  • Talked about Lacey's background and personal story
  • Took Lacey's lived experience and turned it into a vibe
  • Scheduled a branded photoshoot to capture Lacey's vintage soul and artistic side
  • Created a personal brand that captured Lacey and her style of writing


At the end of our time working with Lacey, we had developed a solid personal brand, created a professional and reputable website for people to view her work. Lacey gave us a good amount of previous work she had done for local newspapers like the Helena Independent Record, Queen City News, and Helena Vigilante as well as regional magazines like Distinctly Montana Magazine, Montana Magazine, and SnoWest. With that, we created a beautiful portfolio to showcase her work.  

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