Sunshine and Happiness are two major values of this brand.

Stef owner of Apricity enjoys the outdoors. As a Montana girl, she was inspired to open Apricity as a way to combat the long winters. Every Montanan knows how the amazing warmth of the sun in the middle of winter feels. 

Eaton Turner Jewelry

Eaton Turner Jewelry is a full-service jewelry store that has been serving the Helena area since 1885 making it one of the oldest jewelry stores in the nation. 

Locations have changed, names have changed, but what has always remained the same in this family-owned business is the dedication and drive to serve the Helena community.

As times have changed so have styles. In order for Eaton Turner to continue being leaders in the jewelry industry they needed to look the part. Meaning time revamp their branding and marketing. 

  • Rebrand

  • Storytelling

  • Website Design 

  • Ecommerce

  • Copywriting

  • Signage 


Our goal was to revive a multi-generation family-owned business' marketing. We wanted to take the strong foundation of what was already in place and give the business a new vibrant look.


This family-owned business is so rich in history and memories that for some in the business accepting the change was difficult. Once the vision come to life everyone was happy and agreed that the change was much needed. 


We worked on taking pieces of the family's original brand and giving it a new luxurious feel. 


After the rebrand, Eaton Turner Jewelry saw their revenue almost triple. They have maintained their status as a leader in the jewelry industry and went on to receive the Montana Family Business Award in 2018. 

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